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Kiara Hybrid Tomato
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Queen of summer with distinction
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High temperature tolerance and high resistance to viral, fungal and bacterial diseases
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Do you need help choosing the right variety to plant for this season?

In our policy, we adopt the localization of hybrid culture to ensure high production and high resistance to viral, fungal and bacterial diseases, which contributes to reducing the costs of using chemical pesticides, which pose a threat to human health in the event of wrong use.
In hybrid varieties, the amounts of seeds used are small compared to other seeds, where each hole in the field consumes only one seed, relative to the very high germination ratios in the hybrid and provides the farmer with a quick harvest period as the hybrid has early characteristics.
The fruits of hybrid varieties are homogeneous in sizes, strong and solid, producing abundant and beautiful and attractive color, which brings the farmer a quick sale of a crop and a high material return.
SEEDTECH company provides you with its hybrid varieties specialized varieties for off-season agriculture, ensuring that the item is on the market throughout the year. yes, you can now plant off-season without sheltered houses.