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Shamsi OP chili

It is grown throughout the year, very pungent and hot taste, abundant fruit production, and a very high capacity for long-term storage

Caribou Onion OP

Caribou onions were specially produced for early production, red-golden color. Be the first in the market and enjoy the high prices!

Anaya hybrid tomato

A strong variety that can be planted all year round - high tolerance to temperatures and high rates of rain

Distinctive items

The strongest varieties in the Sudanese market where they have proven to exist for more than 10 years

Do you need help choosing the right variety to plant for this season?

In our policy, we adopt the localization of hybrid culture to ensure high production and high resistance to viral, fungal and bacterial diseases, which contributes to reducing the costs of using chemical pesticides, which pose a threat to human health in the event of wrong use. In hybrid varieties, the amounts of seeds used are small compared to other seeds, where each hole in the field consumes only one seed, relative to the very high germination ratios in the hybrid and provides the farmer with a quick harvest period as the hybrid has early characteristics. The fruits of hybrid varieties are homogeneous in sizes, strong and solid, producing abundant and beautiful and attractive color, which brings the farmer a quick sale of a crop and a high material return. Your lady's company provides you with its hybrid varieties specialized varieties for off-season agriculture, ensuring that the item is on the market throughout the year. yes, you can now plant off-season without sheltered houses.

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To always ensure the success of cultivation, we have chosen for you some of the most important recommendations by SEEDTECH engineers team

In order to make vegetable production a success, it is advisable to use the lunar calendar in order to adjust the rhythm of the interaction between the plant and the moon, as well as you can use biodynamic farming techniques at the time of putting seeds in the soil, a few mature compost wolves should be added and animal dung should not be used because it hinders the optimal growth of seeds.
We sow - we plant - we water - we fertilize - we treat, we preserve - we reap.

Mahmoud Gifoon

agricultural engineer

Chemical fertilizers consist of several important elements of agricultural soil, so they make the most of it. Clearly affects the quality and growth of agricultural plants. Increases the level of healthy plant production. Facilitates the process of photosynthesis of plants, and limits the phenomenon of wilting by balancing the amounts of water and salt in cells and weight through pollination and increasing the ability of plant resistance

Mohamed Abd El , Rahman

agricultural engineer

When using chemical pesticides, the recommendations should be taken into account in the use of the dose because increasing it or using it randomly from the recommended limit causes harm to humans, animals and the environment as well as taking into account the safety period described must be taken into account and the use of muzzles, glasses and gloves because the pesticide is rapidly penetrating the body

Follow the recommended guidelines and be safe

Ahmed Othman

agricultural engineer

We put in your hands a very strong selection of autumnal varieties

Varieties provided by Seedtech dedicated to the autumn season where it withstands high humidity, high rainfall rates and fungal diseases that accompany autumn